Building a personal homepage with Notion

In today's digital age, a personal homepage has become a great way to showcase personal branding, skills, and abilities. However, building a complete personal homepage requires many skills, such as front-end development, design, and server management, among others. If you want to build a personal homepage without spending too much time and money, Notion might be the tool you need. In recent years, many people have used Notion to directly build personal blogs, maximizing the functionality of Notion. Excellent open-source Notion projects like NotionNext, notionic, awesome-nextjs-notion-blog, and nextjs-notion-starter-kit have turned Notion into a personal blog platform.

Notion is a powerful note-taking application. If you want to directly share your personal webpage, follow these general steps:

  1. Create a new page
    First, create a new page in Notion. You can choose to use the templates provided by Notion or start from scratch. If you choose to use a template, Notion offers many different types of templates, such as resume templates, portfolio templates, and personal homepage templates. Choosing a suitable template can greatly shorten your setup time. If you choose to start from scratch, you can design the layout of the page according to your needs.

  2. Design the page layout
    Next, you need to design the layout of the page. Notion provides various block types, including text blocks, image blocks, video blocks, embedded blocks, and more. You can drag and drop these blocks to create the desired page layout. You can also use Notion's style tools to adjust the colors and fonts of the page. If you have design skills, you can use Notion to create a unique personal homepage.

  3. Publish the page
    Once you have finished designing the page, you can click the "Publish" button in the upper right corner of the page to publish your personal homepage. Notion will generate a unique URL for you, which you can share with others to access your personal homepage. However, you may find that the URL generated through the last step is a long string that is not easy to remember, making it difficult for others to find your personal homepage. There are many solutions to this problem, and many Notion websites can help you customize the sharing URL. However, most of them require payment to customize the Notion sharing URL. Below, I will introduce a solution to customize the Notion sharing URL using Cloudflare.

Prepare a domain name#

Choose and purchase a domain name.

Register/Login to Cloudflare#

  1. Register/Login to Cloudflare.
  2. Point the purchased domain name to Cloudflare for DNS resolution.
    Screenshot 2023-04-16 114659.png
  3. Find "Workers" on the homepage.
  4. Create a new worker. Customize the name, for example, I created a worker named notionworkers. Screenshot 2023-04-16 115004.png
  5. After successful creation, click "Quick Edit". Screenshot 2023-04-16 120043.png
  6. Open the website:;
  7. In Step 2, enter your own domain name and Notion sharing URL. Screenshot 2023-04-16 121238.png
  8. Delete the code in Cloudflare and paste the copied code, then save and publish. Screenshot 2023-04-16 121633.png
  9. Enter your domain name in the browser and you will see your Notion homepage 🙌🌞. My homepage address:
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