How to Beautify the Windows Desktop for Freeloaders

Some time ago, I don't know what happened, my computer crashed and went black. I had to reinstall a new system. This time, I didn't ask professionals to install those messy systems for me. Fortunately, I met a master (SXXKEarth) who is knowledgeable and capable. He remotely taught me how to install the system. Whenever my computer has any small problems, I always ask the master for help. I feel sorry for that, but this time the master helped me install the professional version of Windows 11, which is much smoother. The updated interface of Windows 11 is indeed better-looking than before. At that time, I just hurriedly installed some necessary software and didn't have time to check them carefully. Today, I suddenly felt like decorating my computer. Although I know it will eventually return to its original state, I still enjoy the process of tinkering. Initially, I quite liked the UI of Apple computers, but because most people advised me to choose a Windows computer and give up my love for Apple when I was choosing a computer at that time, but if I were to choose again now, I think I should choose an Apple computer and not care about those messy things.

After some tinkering, I found several websites and tools for desktop beautification, and they are all quite useful. In the end, I tried to transform the desktop UI into the style of an Apple computer. The result was that there were too many things to load, and the computer was buzzing. I guess it will be restored tomorrow, haha.

The following is the final form, which I personally think is quite smooth and comfortable.

Desktop Page

Screenshot 2023-04-05 141525.png

Launchpad Page

Screenshot 2023-04-05 141646.png

Preferences Page

Screenshot 2023-04-05 141849.png

Desktop Wallpaper#

Most people who beautify their desktops are mainly looking for wallpapers. It's not easy to find a wallpaper that meets your expectations. For static desktop wallpapers, I recommend checking out the Pixabay website. The images there are high-definition and free, which is friendly to freeloaders. As for dynamic wallpapers, I used Wallpaper Engine for a while. To be honest, the creative workshop inside it is really powerful, and there are so many beautiful dynamic wallpapers, but it is ultimately a third-party wallpaper software that takes up a lot of memory. Every time you start it, it takes time to load the dynamic wallpaper, which is annoying. This time, I used #Lively Wallpaper (Open Source Video Desktop). It has similar functions to Wallpaper Engine and allows you to use your own dynamic wallpapers. Although it doesn't have the powerful creative workshop support like Wallpaper Engine, this software is completely free and occupies only about 100MB of memory. You can download it from the Microsoft Store. You can also download the dynamic wallpapers you need from the following two websites: and

MAC-like Software#

There are several well-known software programs that imitate the MAC DOCK. However, after trying them one by one, I found that MyDockFinder is the smoothest. MyDockFinder requires payment on Steam, but the principle of freeloaders is: freeload, freeload, and freeload Tm. Actually, that's not true. If this software really makes me feel worthwhile, I will support the author even if I have to go hungry. The main reason is that I don't have money on Steam, and I haven't recharged it for a long time, so I forgot how I used to recharge it. You can find the free version of MyDockFinder on the Fruit Shell website (

Hiding the Taskbar

The dock of this software conflicts with the native taskbar of Windows and requires another software to completely hide the native taskbar. I recommend ## Original Win7, Win10 Show/Hide Taskbar Tool - TaskBarHider V0.1.2.1##. I accidentally discovered this software, and it's really useful.

During this process, I also found several interesting websites and tools for beautification. At that time, I made a fancy desktop, but my old computer couldn't handle it, so I gave up decisively. It's good enough to have a simple imitation of the biological dock. But I still want to record the following:

  • Microsoft Store (taskbar transparency tool, but it seems not to work on Windows 11)
Rocketdock Plugins#
Rainmeter Plugins#
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