How to synchronize Obsidian across all platforms

Currently, I have a Windows computer, an iPad, and a Vivo smartphone. I urgently hope that these devices can be synchronized. As we all know, one of the headaches for many Obsidian users is cross-platform synchronization. Obsidian is undoubtedly powerful on the computer, but for most people, synchronization is also a necessary function.

Following my previous blog post, after using Obsidian to publish my blog, I thought about synchronizing Obsidian completely so that I can publish my Hugo blog anytime, anywhere, and solve the limitations of static blogs in terms of publishing location and time. In the afternoon, I searched for several Obsidian synchronization tutorials. Unfortunately, this idea is a bit too perfect. Obsidian can synchronize files, but not plugin settings, and some plugins cannot be adapted to mobile devices. When I synchronize all my blog files to the mobile device, I cannot enjoy the convenience of creating new blogs on the computer, but at least I can write an article and synchronize it to the computer, and then open the computer to publish it. At least I can do that. 👏

Because the important steps for publishing a blog with Obsidian are completed through Obsidian plugins, this idea may have to wait and see if there are other methods to solve it in the future. It's better to write blogs on the computer honestly. 🤡

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